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Nadia Golden, LCSW


Favorite Color: Burgundy 

Favorite Hobby: Going out to dinner with friends 

Favorite TV Show/Movie: American Horror Story 

One word that describes my personality: Honest 

Self-pay rate: $130

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”
- Maya Angelou

I know it is a difficult choice to open up to someone about what you think is wrong with your life. You have taken the first step though; you have taken the step to find a way to make things better and here I am ready to walk with you.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have worked with adults and adolescents going through transition. Transition can be scary and cause you to experience depression, anxiousness and difficulties in your relationships. Whether it is a divorce, a new job, going to college or you’re struggling to figure out where you fit in, in the world, my goal is to create a safe place where we can focus on your strengths and help you create the life you envision for yourself. I am here to help you learn to feel confident in the choices you’re making despite living for years in self-doubt.

I have experience working in the mental health inpatient setting where I treated clients experiencing depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, behavior issues and difficulty in communicating within the family unit. I also have experience in the medical hospital setting helping families and patients cope with new diagnoses and chronic illnesses. Working in these environments has taught me that working with the whole person, not just the current situation helps to make long lasting and consistent change.

Therapy with me will be collaborative and supportive. My priority is that you will learn and grow the skills needed to challenge your negative and anxious thoughts and to help you adjust to life transitions. 

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