D'Erica Morrison, LPC


Favorite Color: Lavender 

Favorite Hobby: Shopping and self-care 

Favorite TV Show/Movie: A Different World 

One word that describes my personality: Multifaceted

"Your peace is too expensive to let anyone steal."

Hi, my name is D'Erica Morrison. I was born and raised in Dallas, Tx and I've always had a love for helping others find their happiness. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Psychology, and then went on to receive my masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Capella.  I feel that my purpose has always been to advocate for those that haven't quite found their voice yet, as well as advocating for those that may have lost their voice somewhere down the line in their lives. I use CBT/REBT techniques to challenge my clients to dig deep into their inner thoughts, and in return this allows them to slowly begin to change those toxic thinking patterns.  Continuously helping others realize that regardless of their struggles, life is still just beginning for you!